Transportation & Student Safety

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Transportation is provided as a service to students. Schedules and bus stops are printed in the local newspaper at the beginning of each school year. Safety and the general well-being of students is of utmost importance to all personnel.

 The school division maintains and enforces strict guidelines about bus safety matters.

In general, parents, and guardians can provide assistance by supporting the following guidelines and general safety rules:

  • Students must ride as assigned bus each day and should get on and off the bus at the assigned stop.
  • Students must be seated while being transported.
  • Loud talking, fighting, and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Throwing paper and other objects on the bus is not permitted.
  • Head and arms must be kept inside the bus at all times.
  • Students are not to tamper with the safety exits on the bus.
  • Marking, puncturing, and otherwise destroying the inside or outside of the bus or other School Board property is a serious offense.
  • Repeated violations of general safety rules will result in the loss of riding privileges.
  • Please do no let your child wear clothing with "pull-strings" and/or "tie-downs" that could catch in handrails causing injury.
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Student Safety

Each school has a specific plan and established routine that deals with Student Safety. Parents are urged to comply with these routines by assisting school personnel with the following:

  • Acquaint children with relevant personal information and familiar areas in the neighborhood (bus stop, address, phone number, parent/guardian full name, etc.)
  • Keep Emergency Care cards updated at the school and provide all information requested on the form.
  • Notify the school immediately when changes in student transportation are necessary.
  • Provide the school with information about student health-related concerns.
  • Insist that children report directly home or to the location identified by you at the close of the school day.
  • Review the parent/student handbook.
  • Notify the school about absences and provide a written excuse upon return.
  • Provide the school with court documents related to custodial issues. (THESE WILL REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL).
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